Creating menus for my website

If you are still wondering why my website doesn’t work on your computer this is because you need to install WAMP. the reason is my website will work only on “localhost” for now. And in order to go to “http” i have to pay money. so just go with it now.

OK, so as in my earlier post about my learning project you saw i am just on the main page of my website. so the next task for me to create menus for my clients, so when they log in to my website they can do what ever they want. if you want to know how to do that. follow my screen shots below

screenshot_1 screenshot_2 screenshot_3 screenshot_4

I did a little bit of research on how do to this. if you want to learn more please visit w3schools. This resource helped me a lot during my whole learning project.


Connecting the dots of my learning project


When my prof Dr. Alec for ECMP 355 mentioned about the learning project as one of the major part of course. I got scared and panicked. because i had no clue what i am going to pick. But my wife encouraged me pick something that i can use later also. So, I decided to make website. I had little bit knowledge of database and programming and i thought i will be using these to make my website. Now when i googled on how to make a website, there were lot of resource on this topic but all of them were pointing in one direction. That there is already a website and you login into that and then you can create your page like wordpress. But I wanted to learn how to make that website and there was no easy answer to that. So, i asked my Osman Omer, he is a software engineer and he told me that in order to that i need to learn about Drupal, and specifically MySQL and thing like but before that he told me learn more about database and create an outlook for what  i wanted in my website. so here is what i started


This i created with the help w3schools

But this was just the beginning and showing my words drawing skills, but i needed more. so i went back to my best learning friend YouTube, So that i can figure out what more is required. I learned that after the outlook what a web designer need to do is figure out on what kind of server the website should be created so here is what i did next

Now, i learned that every server requires an architectural input in form of a database, this information i got from a great read have a look 

1 2 3

Now, everything was ready for the server, but the real problem i was having was that when i downloaded the drupal and input all this information nothing was happening, i had no clue what to do next and for help i watched this video

but i was still at square one. i figured that not all information on YouTube is helpful. i have to go to basics again and i started to looking for how to download drupal and after searching for videos and videos i found the one which took me to the next level. So following step by step process i was here


you can see it was not easy to get this page on computer. Full task was not done yet i had no idea how to operate this site. I figure out i am the admin i can create what ever i want for my clients so the first thing i did is find a way to create “careers” tab for my users. In end here is what i have i plan to make it full fledged website.


I have finally been able to put all dot together and I am confident that if anyone look through this post will get to know how they can create their own website. Have look on mine website (remember you need to download WAMP first)



Up till now for my learning project, I was using books to get my task done for each week. but now I am at a point where books are not helpful. because using book I made a layout for my website and even to able to make small database I am not sure if this will work not. but now at this point I am going to Youtube for on how to make a website. so, what I got was this.

so what I am seeing here is that you can internet and buy some domain and just work on it and there you go, you have a website.

I certainly need more help in my case. I am creating my own domain. so then my friend explained me that as we are using database, drupal . we have to actually import that data into drupal. which I have no idea how. so then I watched another video. and it pointed me in right direction.





At this point, I have the architecture of website. Now, I learned that after figuring out How your website should like., the next step is to work the database which will be used in the software drupal. So my friend Usman he helped me explained how to work that database. so, i jolted down that we need to know four types of diagrams i.e sequence, class, object and component and after reading and through some books i made these.

1 2 3

Systems formalities

So Here some  software qualities for my software system (Educational Hub)
Use of JavaScript and Drupal validation methods will help in making this software system correct. System will be tested in details to make sure that it is working accordingly. System will be developed by following coding standards.
The combination of Drupal, PHP 5.1, MySql and Apache server will make this software system efficient for the users. All these technologies are easily updateable. User interface will be simple, elegant and user friendly. The software systems will not only be user friendly for the users but also for the website administrator. Drupal provides very strong and simple administrator UI. Exceptional handling will be implemented in the software using Drupal validation methods to make the software robust.

Like every other system my system will certainly have some constraints like , PHP and JavaScript will be used to develop this software system. Most of the development will be done in PHP and JavaScript will be used for effects in menus. This software system will be operated on Windows operating system regardless of version of the windows. It will work fine on windows XP and Windows 7. This software system will work fine even on the weakest hardware of the present time. This software system will use the MySql database engine to perform the database related tasks. This software system will use the WAMP. WAMP server has Apache, PHP, MySql and Microsoft Windows support all together in one place. Drupal 6.13 will be used in the development of this software system. Drupal is a powerful content management system. Other tools are NetBeans, Star UML, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Visio.

So my website architect will look like




In presentation layer the design of website, blog and administration side will be implemented using the Drupal theme structure. Template of website and blog is presented in this layer which will interact with the user of the product. Similarly the theme of administration will also be developed in this layer which will be more convenient for the administrator of the website. Blocks and menus of the website will be for administrator for management to control their position and order in the website.In Application layer logical code of the website will be implemented. Which will include the custom modules and contributed modules as Drupal is an open source tool for development. Drupal core implementation is in this layer. All the business logic and logical constraints will be implemented in this layer and Drupal engine will control the entire modules coronation in performing the tasks. In Data Access Layer database queries will be implemented to communicate with the MySql database to get the desired results from the database. In Database layer all the data of website will be managed in MySql database engine. Data will be saved in tables. The structure of database tables is managed through Drupal.

Languages (working my way through)

Educational Hub will be a web application because i think web is the cheaper and faster way to transfer information. So, I am going to work my way through this.

Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript

Web Server: WAMP server which includes Apache, PHP, MySQl support in it.

Database Engine: MySQL  

Tools: Drupal, NetBeans, Star UML, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio

For the first look I divided my website tabs into nine different cases.

Use Case Number: UC- 01

Use Case Name: A non-registered or guest user opens the website

Actor: Guest / Non-registered user

Description: A guest or non-registered user opens the website and starts browsing it to find the content of his/her interest in the content of website and blog. Besides browsing and searching, user can register to the website to become the member user.


Similarly, there are eight others cases like this…