Blog Entry 3

Entrance/Exit slips assessment strategy, also known by others names such as Ticket in the Door/Ticket out the Door, Admission Slip/Release Slip is simply short written responses to questions/prompts that teacher presents at the very beginning or the very end of class. Critical analysis of this strategy involves two prompts, how this is beneficial to teachers and how this is beneficial to students.


Teachers can use it to:

  • Stimulate the success for learning
  • Find out students’ needs for extra clarification or assistance
  • Review and summarize new learning
  • Determine students’ understanding of a lesson through formative assessment


Students can use it to:

  • Examine prior knowledge in preparation for a new learning
  • Demonstrate if they learned something or not
  • Connect and review prior knowledge with new learning


This strategy also requires some extra input on teacher’s part. Because if students aren’t provided feedback of some kind, they probably stop taking them seriously but if done properly students chances of doing a better job in all aspects of the lesson are very prominent.


Journal writing is another form of formative assessment strategy that encourages student’s curiosity and participation. This strategy is somewhat similar to Entrance/exist slips as it helps teachers and students in keeping an ongoing record of learning and can be done throughout the unit or at the end of the unit.


A similar kind of formative assessment strategy is anecdotal records. It is very easy to do; it’s ongoing and provides teacher an opportunity to focus on some specific area of learning. But at the same time it can be intimidating to students.


All of the above mentioned strategies provide intuition into how students are learning on the daily basis and finding misconceptions in their thinking or process thus presenting teachers with multiple opportunities to reinforce their instructions towards student’s needs appropriately.


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