“Blog about it” entry #2


Now comes the time when teachers should make students alive while learning mathematics and students should find inspiration in what they are learning. As Goos mentioned in chapter 1, teachers are the ones who communicate their beliefs about mathematics through their classroom practices. And for teachers it gets sometime difficult to convey students the actual sense of the mathematics and when teachers not able to do that then students feel alienated in the mathematics classroom. And for teachers to find out how students are making sense of the mathematics they are learning is a challenging task. But it has to be done. Teachers have to find new ways of assessing and evaluating students so that students don’t feel that are pressured to do something they don’t find interesting.

And I am in total agreement with Beswick on this that providing teachers with resources, curriculum materials and ideas are not enough to change student’s perceptions about mathematics. Teachers beliefs are important in the context and if teachers believe that reciting facts and performing procedures are enough then students will get away from mathematics because not all facts and procedures are meaning full to students. Mathematics teaching should make students feel smooth and calm after their learning.

I believe that mathematics should be taught like music is taught, teacher have to show student how it feels to like to learn mathematics, how it feels like to perform mathematics, how it feels like to listen to mathematics.

I believe that students should be given the opportunity to joke about mathematics and say bad things about mathematics because this will present their teachers an opportunity to modify their teaching strategies.

I believe that the things we don’t understand makes us not like them and most of all we are scared to learn about them and I think that is what happening with mathematics education because students are given less opportunities to understand mathematics.

I believe that teachers are not the only role models for students to learn mathematics. It is the collective responsibility of all to show the charm in mathematics like to make cartoons, movies, sports and games that clearly shows that they are engaging in mathematics.

I believe that in order for students to change their perception about math, mathematics teachers have to look cool. And I am not just talking about their attire it involves their whole personality that can show student and want them to say “I want to become like that one day”.


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