“Blog About it” Entry #1

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At this point i think i can say that Mathematics has been in my life for a long time now. I am just going to say it here, “I don’t find mathematics interesting but i don’t know why i want to learn more about math as my life goes on and this is the my third degree in mathematics. I loved doing long mathematical solutions especially differential equations, solving those problems which can be seen through computer simulations. I wanted to see the fun in mathematics.

And on the other hand most of the time when someone needed my help to teach math to middle and high school students, i had no clue of how to approach that. Because every time i teach them i want to show them something interesting about math and they only want solutions to their assignment.

I believe that math is fun to learn and I don’t want to prove it to anybody that math is fun. But proving and showing are two different things. There is a need to show that math is fun and entertaining.

My high school math teacher told me that math is the only subject in which you can score hundred out of hundred and that’s the only reason why I developed interest in math and it started fading away when I was done my high school. But when I started my university I applied in electronic engineering program where I went in for consultation, a professor sitting there saw my math scores and said “Oh you must like math” and I said “hmm its boring” and then he said “I know why it’s boring, let me show you one thing”, he showed me a picture of airplane and said “mathematicians made this airplane” and I said “no engineers made this” and then he introduced me fluid dynamics and aerodynamics which is part applied mathematics and that was it and now I have two master’s in fluid dynamics from university of Regina.

The power of showing not proving, “One picture changed my entire career path”.


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