Twitter and Education


After taking ECMP 355 i don’t think twitter just a waste of time. Now I think its a great organizational structure that makes it an effective tool for connecting with students and others online.

A very good read on this topic, education and twitter 

If you are a middle or high school social studies teacher, and you wanted to provide your students with a close-up view of the events unfolding in any part of the world, instead of going to TV channel, you can follow the hashtag # (    ) on Twitter and can find out whats going on. this ways students finds their involvement in social media and at they are also learning something important.

Like i was of the view that Twitter doesn’t appear to hold much value. Who cares about some celebrity dyeing his or her hairs ! but if can teach students the true organizational structure of information within this tool like finding ways how to look for tweets that attract them through tweets and organization of hashtags this way teacher can show students the real meaning to Twitter and this way students will think of this as an actual education tool.


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