Contributing to the learning of others (an ongoing journey)


Before starting my education degree I had no clue to how to keep log of all the contribution to others learning. I tutor at student success centre at University of Regina, and in every tutoring session i help my students go through different levels of learning but i never thought of keeping log of those thing. this is me helping other in Workshops and Learning Skills

workshop photo

But when i started my ECMP 355 this semester everything changed. I felt that it is important to keep track of these learning contribution because this way i can help my students in a more organized way by referring them to my previous learning contributions to others.

My online contribution to the learning of the others was zero before this class but when i started blogging in this class i felt like this is most coolest way we can help each other. And also i thought twitter was just for richest but what a tool it is. Below you will find how I contributed to the learning of other during this semester:

Blogging and Commenting on others blog

My blogs were informative and posed questions on why certain aspects of education is important and they also included to resources if further information is requires on my peers part.





I also commented on other blog to encourage meaningful feedback and further interactions on different thoughts






One  of my blog post was tweeted by one of classmate an excellent example of co contribution to the learning of others


Contributing to the learning of others in math I posed a question on historical math event


And look at the response i got with the help from my teacher Dr. Alec that i think was surely helpful for my classmates



Also, i presented my thoughts through discussion on on different hashtags like saskedchat, edchat scichat, so that other can learn a little bit about different aspects of the discussed topic.



And for our ed tech tool presentation we picked Khan academy and helped others in learning that khan academy is not just watching for watching videos. it is a whole organization and teachers can benefit a lot from this tool here is me contributing to other future.


Google Plus Community

I joined the google plus community for ECMP 355 class so that i can discuss and help others in figuring about course progression. here is me initiating a conversation on what would be a good topic for our tech tool presentation and encouraging other classmates to join our group.


Learning Project

I think my learning project was very explanatory. Anyone can look at my learning project blog post and understand how to create their own website (not a page, an actual website). I am contributing to the learning of others by giving them a composed outlook of Drupal. They just have to follow step by step integration of my learning project. I also included useful resources so that my peers can follow through these resources.




I feel that this post truly reflects some of the ways I’ve contributed to the learning of others online this semester. But If you’d like to see more about my contribution, you can have a look on my blog.

I feel that there is still lot to be done and i  look forward to continuing to build myself through making connections with other educators.







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