My Thinking



There is a fair amount of work going on for the betterment of education but the problem is on the web, users cannot find many things at one place which they want. Users have to search a lot to find the solution to their educational problem. Not many people know about the sources who are doing education related research work and projects. Students who have done their thesis and research work, their work may get unnoticed, for example if an individual researcher or the students invent new and cheap app related to education, their hard work should get noticed they should have an easy source to show their work to the world. They might get sponsor from companies to further research on that. Very less opportunities are available for such people to show their abilities due to long registration processes people cannot get their work published. Most of the present websites related to education are kind of corporate websites they do not show the ads of other websites of same field.

My website, Education Hub will focus on solutions and taking action in order to create a positive vision for the future education. It will provide the platform for the companies, researchers and students who are looking for the attention and opportunities. This project will play its part in creating new opportunities for users. They will be able to share their work on the website. Companies and individuals will be able to post advertisements of their work related to education to get work for them. The website will provide awareness about the educational betterment for everyone. It will inform the people about new educational technologies, new inventions and about new discoveries. Anyone will be able to share their work, knowledge, advice voluntarily related to education. Website blog will provide a place for discussion for better education, problems in education and new discoveries. This website will be the source of information and at the same time it will provide the chance for people to get the jobs and projects.


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