First step towards learning

So, for the last two weeks I am trying to find something that really interest me in my learning process, I thought about learning Cricket, Cooking, a Native language, puzzle making and paper craft for my learning project but whenever I wanted to start I start losing interest in them but then suddenly i thought about making a website for education purposes and i don’t know anything about making a website but i keep on thinking about it what my website should reflect and this and that so now I decided to make a website for my online learning project. So here it is, the main idea of this website will be to provide a platform for the betterment of education. Those who are willing to share their work like researchers, students and universities, will be able to share their work on this website. It can be case study or research work on education, schools, community, courses etc. People will also be able to blog and discuss about the related topics. The website will provide awareness and at the same time solution to the problems suggested in the blog by participants. Universities can explain about their programs and Researchers and students will get their work read by people and noticed, from which they might get career opportunities for their work. My first step towards learning is picking up a name for my website


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